once more with feeling

yea well i think thats says most of what i want to say today .i also used my other acount ACIDICKARMA.to view what i wanted to say .. i know i make no sence what soever but .im only wrighting it for me so nahh.. im at school how fun is that ..


Your Ultimate Purity Score Is...
CategoryYour Score Average
Explored the pleasures of the flesh
Puts 'em on the glass
Sex Drive 44.7%
I got needs, baby, you gotta unnastan'!
Knows the other body type like a map
Gayness 92.9%
Repressed, are we?
Fucking Sick70.8%
Dipped into depravity
You are 52.17% pure
Average Score: 70.5%

One year

Its been one year dad, and its not geting any eseyer..even tough they said it would. its this time of year when i think about home .when the grass grows and the life comes back to the world .i think how it looks on the farm. god i still miss you .. and im trying to help mom .. all the colts have died this year..in fact the last one to make it was yours . shes doing fine ..i still hate and love her ..i still want you to come home .. and i still cant understand why its goign to be like this ..forever with out you .. i never got to tell you i love you ..and i never got to tell you i was sorry ..and now forever ill be wishing i had.. kinda like the sone if tomarrow never comes .. only you are the one that died .. ill always know you died without knowimg how i felt and ill always hear your foot steps when im at home na dill always miss the way you said exactly and only the truth .. i look up to you ..and i still miss you .. its been one year
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Hello, im back and i bit better.. i am having a wonderful time at seans house. hehe he is killing sadam..boys.. im playing on strongbadia

could i just be invisable

Well, I realized I didn’t matter anymore today. When I hurt and I was pushed away. I came to this conclusion by seeing how much I just do not really matter. Not that I think im unimportant it’s that I can see I have no name. im a title.. Just a reference that never comes up. I have over time given lots up for what I thought was right. but lately I have different ideas. What is it they say in a crowded room im all alone? could you just notice me for one moment in your life to pretend that im important to you other than when im with you. or that im allowed to have feelings that could be hurtful to you.. couldn’t could it. that would mess up your image with them. Could what you have tried so hard to tell yourself is what you are or maybe even skew your ideas of what’s right .. Wouldn’t want that would we .. because that would mean I had feelings to. just don’t tell them about me im not really a person after all just a title ..That you ignore
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i can see the sun

hehe its bright. i have been a little pissie lately .. i would like to apoligize to everyone .. espesialy well to sean.. i have been distant i have been a pain .. i have been sleeping alot .. i would like to thank you for puting up with me .. its raining its poring the old man is snorning
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sshhhuh im only human

well I have hit the pint I cant take it all in ..so ill let it all out.. its time to vent .. lets see what I have done this year ..
I tend to see the world as a glass tipped over.. im green with envy. I have an iced over heart.. I care to much and I let my emotions get in the way.. i ware my heart on my sleeve.. I have burned my bridges...left them in the dust pissed in my fair share of cereal... wiped the slate clean and made a mess of my life ....im just progressively fucked up and when things get sticky I get out. weeded my garden pulled up my roots wasted my time .. Im pissing my life way while being a horse’s ass. nuts on my family tree I didn’t fall far ....my hand is in to many cookie jars.. low morals have kept me down .. im trespassing on shaky ground ..to much time on my hands .running myself ragged. .and setting myself up for a fall...crashing... riding a high ..i much be on the good drugs. found it in the cheep store ..cashed in my chips.. living a dare.. im selfish no caring inhuman .. Color Goth... Manic.. And to top it all off im a low down rotten mean motherfucker.

I have to say I have got allot done in a year or two...
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