Canuslunus (canuslunus) wrote,

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could i just be invisable

Well, I realized I didn’t matter anymore today. When I hurt and I was pushed away. I came to this conclusion by seeing how much I just do not really matter. Not that I think im unimportant it’s that I can see I have no name. im a title.. Just a reference that never comes up. I have over time given lots up for what I thought was right. but lately I have different ideas. What is it they say in a crowded room im all alone? could you just notice me for one moment in your life to pretend that im important to you other than when im with you. or that im allowed to have feelings that could be hurtful to you.. couldn’t could it. that would mess up your image with them. Could what you have tried so hard to tell yourself is what you are or maybe even skew your ideas of what’s right .. Wouldn’t want that would we .. because that would mean I had feelings to. just don’t tell them about me im not really a person after all just a title ..That you ignore
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